Goki Vegetable Cutter Slicer

by Burnst!
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This hand-held slicer made from Food-Grade stainless steel & BPA-Free plastic offers.It offers all the functionality of multiple appliances with changeable stainless blades. These blades can cut through all kinds of vegetable, grating cheese, slicing potato and cutting fruits, even can create paste-like vegetables or mashed potatoes.
9-in-1 r1
1.Stainless steel blade: Durable material,not easy to rust.
2.Wheat straw material: Natural material is more assured.
3. Hand protector designed is convenient and safe for users.
4.Complete tool set to solve various needs in kitchen chopping.
Filament, thick wire, slice, net flower, milled, egg white separation, hand guard, drain basket
1. Can cut 2-4mm thickness of various types of vegetable silk,
2.Can be polished into a delicate ginger, garlic, mashed potatoes, radish, etc
3. Easy egg white separation
4.Can be used as a washing and drain basket


9-in-1 Multi-Function Easy Food Chopper1

Package Includes:

  • 4x Blades 
  • 1xContainer(Storage bowl)
  • 1xSlicing Guard hand Protector
  • 1xDrain basket
  • 1xSlicer board
  • 1xMilling Device/Egg Divider