Astronaut Cat Backpack

by Burnst!
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This suede leather made with transparent cover design pet backpack features to against UV light and strong light, it provides significant protection to your pet healthy under dust, pollen and flu condition too. Your furry friends can enjoy the wider view of nature by the transparent cover window, this backpack performs both great protection of eyes, and the private space internally.

Increase your pet's visual space via front transparent cover window, giving more room and play time inside.
Extra 3 holes at the front and one mesh openable window to perform great air circulation and ventilation inside.
Light weight and super wear-resistant suede material perfectly against biting and scratching by pets.
There is a plush warm cushion inside the backpack to keep your pet's belly warm, especially in cold weather when you travel outdoors.
Portable and wearable shoulder pet carrier backpack with adjustable chest buckle for travel and hiking outdoor activity.
The backpack is zipped tight by a whole integrated zipper, when totally unzipped, it can be folded to safe a lot of space.
Very big space inside to hold pets weigh up to 16.5lbs.

Material: Suede Fabric and Acrylic
Suitable Pet Weight: Max. 7.5kg / 16.5lb
  • Item size: 41 * 33.5 * 25cm    -   31* 44 * 26
Item weight: 920g

Package Information:
Package Size: 44 * 28 * 26cm / 17.3 * 11 * 10.2in
Package Weight: 1300g

Package List:
1 * Astronaut Cat Backpack


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